About Roy


Roy Dean

About Roy

As a former kitchen porter, barman, survey assistant, art teacher, graphic designer, enterprise centre manager, business advisor and - for the last twenty years - city centre and markets manager, it was becoming pretty clear that Roy still hadn't really decided what he wanted to be when he

grew up.

But with a long career in senior management already behind him, he felt that maybe now was the time to find out.

A little too old to be an astronaut - and with the judges on the 'X Factor' notoriously fickle - he thought maybe he ought to look a little closer to home for inspiration. Then one day, while exploring strange and seldom visited parts of his house, he discovered the kitchen.

And while playing in the kitchen he discovered he had a real passion for - and

a not inconsiderable skill in - making all things sweet.

He made fudge.

People liked it.

He made more. Too much, in fact. So he took it  to his local market.

People bought it. And came back for more.

And that's about it, really. As well as sellingonline, Roy is now taking his fine confections to the outdoor market in his home city every week, at which he has found he is typically referred to as

'that fudge guy'. 

And the rest, as they say, is history.