Flying fudge mail order

Flying fudge

Roy's fine fudge direct to your door by mail order


For those unable to get to Roy's market stall in York,  his fine fudge is always available by mail order to any part of the UK  through his 'Flying Fudge' service.

Roy's fudge is sold online by weight at exactly the same price as it is on his stall - £1.67 per 100g - and he will be happy to post you any quantity of any flavours you like.

That said, it's worth bearing in mind that postage and packaging will be at least £3 so it probably makes sense to order enough to justify the mailing charge.

Ordering is easy

Just choose which of the following options you require, e-mail Roy with the details - following the 'Place an order' link at the foot of this page).

And then pay him via Paypal, again using the link below. Roy will then dispatch your order to anywhere in the UK by Royal Mail and the fudge will be flying.

Your options

150g      £2.50      (one flavour)

200g      £3.34      (one flavour)

300g      £5.00      (one flavour)

400g      £6.67      (up to two flavours)

500g      £8.34      (up to two flavours)

For all of the above weights please add £3.00 towards the cost of postage and packing.

600g      £10.00    (up to three flavours)

700g      £10.50    (up to three flavours)

800g      £12.00    (up to four flavours)

900g      £13.50    (up to four flavours)

1 kilo      £16.68    (up to four flavours)

For all of the above weights please add £4.50 towards the cost of postage and packing.

The full list of fudges available to choose from can be found on the end of this link.

For larger quantities or for mailing to places outside the UK please contact Roy.

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