About his fudge

Proper fudge

Most so-called 'hand made' fudge on sale in the shops is actually made in big vats in commercial kitchens that look an awful lot like factories. Or in automatic fudge kettles into which a bag of pre-prepared fudge mix is simply tipped and a button is pressed.

But not Roy's.

No, his fudge is the real thing. Proper fudge, made by him in the traditional way on the stove in  his little domestic kitchen in the suburbs of York.

He mixes the sweet ingedients himself and slowly and patiently boils them up to the perfect temperature, continuously stirring by hand and then beating until the consistency is just right, before pouring into trays to cool.

He then cuts the resultant slabs into irresistible bite-sized pieces of creamy, mouthwatering fudge.

His flavours

Roy has over fifty varieties of fudge, penuche and tablet in his extensive repertoire and the list of flavours is growing all the time.

His original buttery fudge and trendy newcomer salted caramel fudge are currently his best sellers, closely followed by Scottish-style tablet - which few people south of the border seem to make.

Roy celebrates his home city of York and Yorkshire's rich confectionery heritage through a suite of five fantastic flavours including Yorkshire rhubarb, liquorice and chocolate orange. And his wide range of chocolate fudges and more  unusual flavours like stem ginger, Turkish delight and rum & raisin fudge and traditional pecan nut penuche are always popular too.

And the biggest growth area for his sales over the past year has been his new range of dairy free vegan fudges

He typically takes around twenty or thirty flavours selected from his full range to market each week and takes requests from customers that ask for a particular flavour to be included.

In fact, many of the flavours he makes  have been suggested to him by his  customers, so if you don't see your favourite on the list below, tell him. You never know, he just might have a crack at it

Below is his full list...

About his fudge


Roy's fine fudge portfolio...

Yup, this is a huge list and the choice is somewhere between bewildering

and bonkers.

But Roy is only human and he can obviously only make so many of these varieties each week so it's always worth dropping him a quick email just to make sure he has what you're after in stock or is able to add it to that week's kitchen list before placing your order.

As a guide, if a flavour is shown below in italic print then it is one that is less likely to be readily available and if it's marked in red then it's sadly off the menu.. And obviously, during the current coronavirus crisis there will occasionally be glitches when he runs out of even some of his more popular flavours, but when that happens he'll do his best to flag that up on the list.

So, now you know...


Plain fudge? Here in the UK that at's basically just sugar, butter and milk, right?  Well, it depends...

Original buttery fudge   The original and - many would say - still the best!

Vanilla flavoured fudge   Similar to the original but a touch lighter and with the taste of vanilla.

Salted caramel fudge   Plain fudge with just a hint of sea salt. It's the trendy newcomer that has become very popular.

'Shambles Classic' clotted cream fudge    A smoother and richer fudge just like they make it idown n Devon and Cornwall but with a bit of added York magic.

Butterscotch fudge   A plain fudge but with a distinctive brown sugar flavour.

Scottish style tablet   Roy's traditional tablet uses essentially the same ingredients as in

a classic plain fudge but with a more crystalline, crumbly texture that is particularly popular north of the border.


Fudge originated in the USA and for many Americans it wouldn't really be fudge if it didn't have chocolate in it. So who is Roy to argue?

Milk chocolate fudge  A simple smooth fudge that is chocolatey and sweet.

Dark chocolate fudge  Deliciously decadent, this one is Roy's chocolateiest (if that's even a word) fudge.  SORRY - THIS ONE'S NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

White chocolate fudge  A super smooth, milky, creamy fudge.

Chocolate & peanut butter fudge   A moreish and very smooth chocolate fudge.

Chocolate orange fudge   Rich dark chocolate aValencian orange.

Mint chocolate fudge   Indulgent dark chocolate with the freshness of American peppermint

Other chocolate fudges that may be available from time to time but are very unlikely to be made during the current coronavirus crisis - other than for bulk - i.e. 5 kg plus - orders...

Choclate, fruit & nut fudge   A plain chocolate fudge loaded with whole hazelnuts and juicy raisins.

Chilli chocolate fudge   A chocaolate fudge with a bit of a kick!


Roy aims to celebrate the rich confectionery heritage of Yorkshire and York itself through his hand made fudge homages. This is his suite of five fantastic locally inspired flavours:

Yorkshire rhubarb fudge  Yorkshire's 'rhubarb triangle' near Wakefield is famous for the sweetness - and sharpness - of its produce and this fudge celebrates this great local flavour.

Butterscotch fudge   A plain fudge with a distinctive brown sugar flavour, inspired by the famous sweets from Doncaster favoured by Queen Victoria.

Yorkshire liquorice fudge   The silky black coloured one - with the distinctive flavour famously from Pontefract.

'Chocolate Orange' fudge   An homage the the world famous Terry's Chocolate Orange that was born right here in York. Made with valencian orange.

'After Eight' mint chocolate fudge   An homage to the popular mint, originally from York and still made here in Yorkshire - at Halifax.  


In parts of the USA a nutty fudge with a distinctive brown sugar taste is known as penuche. That's pronouced 'pen-oo-chee'. So now you know...

Pecan nut penuche   A New England favourite with a distinctive brown sugar flavour and packed with pecan nuts.

Maple & walnut  penuche   A traditional penuche made with walnuts and plenty of added Canadian maple syrup. As if it wasn't sweet enough already!

Other nutty fudges and penuches that may be available from time to time but are very unlikely to be made during the current coronavirus crisis other than for bulk - i.e.5 kg plus - orders...

Cashew nut penuche  A smoother penuche made with chopped cashew nuts and smooth cashew nut butter.

Fruit & nut penuche   It's fruity. It's nutty. 'Nuff said.

Pistachio fudge

Peanut butter fudge.  Okay, so Roy knows that peanuts aren't actually nuts but this is the place this one has landed. A smooth fudge full of crunchy peanut butter goodness.


Roy is not claiming that any of the following fudges can be counted towards your five a day. But if that's what you want to believe...

Red cherry fudge  Juicy red cherries in a sweet cherry fudge.

Banana & chocolate fudgeA smooth fruity banana flavoured fudge with chocolate sirled through it.   SORRY - THIS ONE'S NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

Coconut  fudge  Roy would love you to try this one. Don't be shy. Geddit?

Other fruity fudges that may be available from time to time but are  very unlikely to be made during the current coronavirus crisis other than for bulk - i.e.5 kg plus - orders...

Banana flavoured fudge   A smooth fruity fudge.

Lemon & lime fudge   Easily the zingiest fudge in Roy's repertoire.

Peach fudge

Cranberries in white chocolate fudge

Summer fruits fudge


Roy won't be asking for your age ID for any of these. Any actual alcohol will have burnt off in the cooking process, but the flavour's still there.

Rum & raisin fudge  A always popular old fashioned combination with the flavour of dark rum and juicy raisins.

'Bailey's' Irish cream fudge   Easily the most popular among Roy's range of alcohol inspired fudges, combining the tates of whisky and cream.

Other boozy fudges that may be available from time to time but are very unlikely to be made during the current coronavirus cris other than for bulk - i.e. 5 kg plus - orders...

Cherry brandy fudge

Rum & blackcurrant fudge

Whisky flavoured fudge

Prosecco fudge

Gin & tonic fudge

Pina colada cudge

Jorvik viking mead fudge   The fudge the vikings would have eaten - if the vikings had eaten fudge. A super sweet fudge made with honey provided by a leading York beekeeper. Available during York's annual Viking festival and at other times by request.


Roy is often encouraged by customers to develop new flavours - some of which go on to become favourites -  but that don't neatly fit into any of the above categories. They're here:

Stem ginger fudge   The combination of sugar and spice make this one of Roy's personal favourite fudges.

Coffee & cream fudge   A 'double decker' of two fudges, combining a mild coffee and rich cream flavours.

Turkish delight fudge   A highly distinctive rosewater flavoued fudge.

Other unusual fudges that may be available from time to time but are very unlikely to be made during the current coronavirus crisis other than for bulk - i.e. 5 kg plus - orders...

Peppermint in white chocolate fudge  A creamy white chocolate fudge with a fresh minty flavour.

Orange & ginger fudge

Parma Violet fudge  With all of the floral  flavour of the old fashioned sweets.

'Irn Bru' fudge  Admittedly not made in Scotland from girders but made right here in York by Roy!

Coffee fudge

Coffee & walnut fudge


Condensed coconut milk and vegetable fats are combined with sugar as the base for Roy's new range of premium vegan fudges. All are suitable for those who are lactose intolerant as well as those who have made a vegan lifestyle choice. All are every bit as good as his regular varieties!

Vegan salted caramel fudge   Roy's most poplar vegan fudge.

Vegan chocolate fudge   A simple plain chocolate fudge.

Vegan peanut butter fudge  A super smooth chocolate and peanut butter fudge.

Vegan stem ginger fudge  Sugar and spice.

Other vegan fudges that may be available from time to time but are very unlikely to be made during the current coronavisus crisis other than for bulk - i.e. 5 kg plus - orders...

Vegan chocolate fruit & fudge  A chocolate fudge packed with whole hazelnuts and juicy raisins.

Vegan chocolate orange fudge  A dairy free version of Roy's homage to the famous Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Vegan cashew nut fudge   A smooth fudge full of cashew nut butter and chopped cashew nuts.

Vegan Bailey's Irsish cream fudge A dairy free version of Roy's most popular boozy flavour fudge.

Watch out for new vegan varieties!


Roy has so far resisted the temptation to try making a brussels sprout fudge but does make a few specials to sit alongside his regular varieties for the festive season. The following varieties are normally only available from mid November until Christmas:

Brandy soaked mince pie fudge   Rich, brandy-soaked mincemeat give this sweet fudge the taste of Christmas.

Cranberries in white  chocolate fudge  A smooth and milky white chocolate fudge laced with juicy cranberries. OKAY, SO IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS BUT A LIMITED QUANTITY OF THIS ONE


Mulled wine fudge  A popular festive fudge with all of the flavour of the traditional mulled wine spices.