About his fudge


About his fudge

Proper fudge

Most so-called 'hand made' fudge on sale in the shops is actually made in big vats in commercial kitchens that look an awful lot like factories. Or in automatic fudge kettles into which a bag of pre-prepared fudge mix is simply tipped and a button is pressed.

But not Roy's.

No, his fudge is the real thing. Proper fudge, made by him in the traditional way on the stove in  his little domestic kitchen in the suburbs of York.

He mixes the sweet ingedients himself and slowly and patiently boils them up to the perfect temperature, continuously stirring by hand and then beating until the consistency is just right, before pouring into trays to cool.

He then cuts the resultant slabs into irresistible bite-sized pieces of creamy, mouthwatering fudge.

His flavours

Roy has a huge range of varieties of fudge, penuche and tablet in his extensive repertoire and the list of flavours is changing all the time.

His original buttery fudge and trendy newcomer salted caramel fudge are currently his best sellers, closely followed by Scottish-style tablet - which few people south of the border seem to make.

Roy celebrates his home city of York and Yorkshire's rich confectionery heritage through a suite of fantastic flavours including Yorkshire rhubarb, liquorice and chocolate orange. And his wide range of chocolate fudges and more  unusual flavours like stem ginger, Turkish delight and rum & raisin fudge and traditional pecan nut penuche are always popular too.

And the biggest growth area for his sales over the past year has been his new range of dairy free vegan fudges

He typically takes over twenty flavours selected from his full range to market each week and takes requests from customers that ask for a particular flavour to be included.

In fact, many of the flavours he makes  have been suggested to him by his  customers, so if you don't see your favourite on his list tell him. You never know, he just might have a crack at it.

Okay, so to peruse Roy's full

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