His market stall in York

His market stall in the heart of historic York


With a long and proud history of chocolate making and all things sweet, York is rightly recognised at England's capital of confectionery.

Roy's decision to adopt the city's historic Shambles Market as 'that fudge guy's' home continues this tradition. He can be found selling his fine fudges from his stall there every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all year round..

On his prominent corner stall - which can be found at the busy Newgate end of the bustling market surrounded by cafes, bakers, delis, cheesemongers, fishmongers and just opposite the butchers - he'll typically have more than twenty varieties of fudge temptingly displayed loose in his 'pick and mix' cabinet for sale by weight, alongside a huge range of ready to go inexpensive 'pick-up-packs.'..

While many of his customers at the stall are tourists visiting York from all around the world, Roy especially values the growing numbers of local residents who can recognise a great product and a great bargain and who have become regulars at his stall.

And of course, by selling from a market stall rather than from an expensive shop, he keeps his overheads low. And that means he can guarantee to offer the best priced genuine hand made fudge in the city.

Roy can be found

on his stall

every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.